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Schedule a One-on-One Consultation

County employees have  access to dedicated Fidelity Workplace Financial Consultants for their retirement planning needs. 

The Workplace Consultants can assist you with your most pressing questions: 

Whether you are a new employee or nearing retirement, the Workplace Consultants can help you with investment advice and a retirement strategy. One-on-one consultations are complimentary as an employee benefit.

Helping You Live Your Best Financial Life.

Need tools and resources to help manage your finances and retirement planning? You have found the right place! From helpful videos to FAQ’s and useful links, we have got you covered!

Tutorials & Tools

Unsure how to complete your Buydown form? We have tutorials to help you accurately complete a variety of Deferred Compensation forms.

Fidelity App

Keep Fidelity in your pocket! See how the Fidelity app can keep you connected to your investments and provide a convenient way to manage your plans.


You have questions? We have answers! Take a look at some common questions that are asked about Deferred Compensation.


One-stop shop for a variety of tools and calculators. Take advantage of available resources to aid you in your planning for a secure financial future.

Available Options

When Times Get Tough…

Sometimes life doesn’t always go as planned and it becomes necessary to access your retirement savings for unforeseen circumstances. The option of a loan on your 401(k) account or a hardship withdrawal may help in tough times. 

The Qualified Domestic Relations Order (QDRO) process is handled entirely through Fidelity. Use the link below to access Fidelity’s QDRO Service Center.

Retirement Workshops

June 9, 2023 and June 16, 2023
8:30am - 1:00pm

Deferred Compensation, in partnership with VCERA, hosts Retirement Workshops several times each year.  Check here for the workshop schedule, registration link,  and the presentation slides.