Working & Saving


It is important to have a financial roadmap during your working years to pursue your present goals and your future retirement goals.  Take advantage of the variety of resources and tools available to you to build your financial roadmap. 

Life Happens

We all know life can be quite a rollercoaster ride.  Ups and downs are bound to happen and when they do, the resource gathered here may help with navigating the changes. 

Life Events is part of the planning resources that Fidelity provides for County employees.  The partial list below covers only some of the life events that are included in this valuable resource.

  • Starting a family – How to prepare financially and emotionally.
  • Income reduction or job change – Regrouping after a setback and making a plan.
  • Buying a home – How to build a team to find the best home for you.
  • Navigating the college journey – From applying to how to pay for it.
  • Caring for a loved one – How to make smart decisions about care, insurance, and more.
  • Getting a Divorce – Navigating a divorce involves more than deciding who gets what.

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Did You Know?

You can transfer funds from your deferred compensation accounts (401k and 457) to pay for a Prior Service Purchase in a qualified retirement system.