Retirement Plans


The County offers eligible employees the ability to save for retirement on a tax-deferred basis through the 401(k) and 457 Plans. Tax-deferred means you do not pay income taxes on the amount you contribute to the Plans – or earnings on those contributions – until you withdraw those funds after you separate from service. This means that your retirement income can accumulate faster than if you invested it in a regular savings account. In addition to pre-tax contributions, you are also able to make after-tax contributions through the Roth option available in the 457 Plan. 

As another incentive to save, the County offers most eligible employees a matching contribution in the 401(k) Plan. This means that if you choose to contribute to the Plan, the County will also contribute to your account.  

To find out if you’re eligible to participate in the Plans or find out the amount of your county matching contributions check the Plan Year Brochure and contact Deferred Compensation with any additional questions.  

To enroll in the plan, or to change your contributions call Fidelity at 800/343-0860 or log on to NetBenefits 

Plan Information

Did You Know?

Deferred compensation plans allow you to defer income today and withdraw it at some point in the future, thus providing a source of income in retirement. Deferred compensation plans are not a pension plan. As a full-time, regular employee with the County of Ventura, you have a pension through the Ventura County Employees Retirement Association (VCERA) and you have the option to participate in deferred compensation plans.