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The topic of planning for retirement is very popular, and rightfully so. A successful retirement does not happen by accident. It takes planning and preparation, in addition to hopes and dreams. To assist you in creating a plan for retirement, Deferred Compensation is partnering with the Ventura County Employees Retirement Association (VCERA), Fidelity Investments, Ventura County Human Resources Benefits, the Social Security Administration and the Ventura County Area Agency on Aging (VCAAA) to present a comprehensive pre-retirement planning workshop. 

The “Retirement Planning 101: What You Need to Know” workshop is recommended for County employees who are 5-7 years from retirement. Workshops are held in the Lower Plaza Assembly Room in the Hall of Administration, Ventura County Government Center. Spouses are welcome to attend. Advanced registration is required for both employee and spouse. You may be required to use leave time to attend this workshop. Consult with your supervisor for direction.

Retirement Planning 101 Workshop Schedule for 2024

A registration link will be available here approximately two weeks prior to each scheduled workshop. You will need your VCHRP login info in order to make a reservation.

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Did You Know?

Retirement can last a long time. The current life expectancy for an average American is close to 79 years old but the average retirement age is 67. This means you could have over a decade to plan for,  both financially and for leisure.

Of course, many Americans live well into their eighties and nineties which gives you even more time. It pays to look at the numbers now to make sure that you have a game plan that covers all your years in retirement.